Mancora & Lima

Mancora is located in the north of Peru on the coast and was a small fishing village until about 20 years ago. It has now become Peru's most popular beach resort with warm water, white beaches and good surf. We were stoked to have perfect hot, sunny days for the 6 days that we were there. Our french friends were also coming here so we were reunited the following day. We all stayed at Loki hostel which backs onto the beach, has a pool and is not ideal if you value sleep with a party every night. Mancora was like a vacation within a vacation with relaxing by the pool, eating good food and tanning and swimming at the beach. I would go back there in a heart beat.

Along with the rest of South America, you an just about anything you could think of in the most bizarre places. Think cake for instance- not sure that its something I think about when lying on the beach but in Mancora you wouldn't even have to leave your towel for a piece.

I also scored a fresh coconut for about a dollar

It was Halloween the 2nd night we were there and the hostel was decorated for a party.

Failing at the photography side of things while in Mancora I don't have any more photos of the other days except for one with our American friend Gia who is volunteering for two years in northern Peru in the poorest conditions and comes to Mancora some weekends for some well deserved R&R and hot water.

Next stop- an overnight 20 hour bus to Lima for our birthday the following day. We got to Lima the day before our birthday, with Philippa and Alex meeting us there on our birthday. We spent the night before our birthday enjoying the perks of a big city- shopping! Oops.
We spent our birthday exploring Lima's historical centre before getting our nails done and going out for dinner and drinks.
The lovely waiters at our restaurant gave us free cake with candles and pisco sours for our birthday!
We then went to a club that was meant to be really good. Well…the place was huge, inside a massive warehouse and there were heaps of people. It started off well, when our friend from Quito/Baños/Montañita ran into us at the bar randomly! We couldn't believe it! But then when the heavy metal music came on…things went down hill so after about an hour or so we left and went with some friendly locals we met out the front to another bar. Staying there for a little while, the 5 of us squeezed in a cab back to the hostel.
I apparently had a bed buddy for the night with the hostels resident cat Pablo joining me for the whole night…yep sleeping on my legs the whole night.
We decided we'd go out again the following night to redeem the previous night. Philippa's friend from France said it was going to a cool party and put us on the list so we din have to pay which is always a plus on a travellers budget. What a random party! It was in Miraflores, one of the wealthier suburbs and the suburb our hostel was. It was basically a mansion that was being used as a nightclub. They had clowns, circus tricks, trapeze artists, popcorn stalls and weird art rooms with people painting. I don't know what else to say except it was weird and random but fun.
Next stop- Ballestas islands & Huacachina



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