Buenos aires- the blurr part 1

We took a 14 hour overnight bus from Mendoza to buenos aires. You have a few options when taking long bus trips over here- a normal bus seat, a 'semi cama' (like a plane seat that reclines slightly) and 'cama' which is fully horizontal. We decided after many discussions with fellow travellers that paying a bit more for the full cama is well worth it for longer journeys. Good decision! We slept almost the whole way and woke up with 45 mins left of the trip! I think Australia could learn from this!

We met up with our friend Imogen (sorry Stine, she's our friend now) for lunch, and because she's lived in BA for over two years and is super talented, she could translate the menu for us! Horrah, for once it wasn't menu lottery!

Later on we met up with our Brazilian roomies, who told us about tango portenjo- a tango lesson, three course meal and tango performance.

With only two men in the class and rest girls, it made for a very funny, and slightly awkward partnering dance.

Unlimited wine, great food, a wicked table of people and a tango show and sally being pulled up to dance made it a great night out!

After the tango lesson, Tarsila, Camila, sal and I got the bus back to our hostel and joined the party. We stayed at Milhouse hostel which is described as the 'party hostel'- after staying there I couldn't agree more.

Every night there is an organised party at one of the two milhouse hostels in BA (which are walking distance away). Thursday night the party was at the avenue and we arrived in time for a couple of drinks before getting the bus to the nightclub 'Larc'. People don't go out before 2am over here, which took a bit of getting used. They also don't eat dinner before 10 which sadly we have become accustomed to.

A lot of dancing later, and about 7am we got back to our hostel room, sharing a 6 bed dorm but not having anyone except for the 4 of us in there when we left earlier we were yet again greeted by some crazy half asleep non English speaking girl who shot up awaking with a fright and mumbling what I think was suppose to be Spanish. Camila, Tarsila, sal and I trying not to laugh and not really sure what was going on told her we didn't speak Spanish and she just shot back down asleep again. No longer being able to old it in I lost it laughing and had to leave the room.

We all slept until about 11 and then went for breakfast. We thought we should see some of BA so sal and I joined a 2pm bike tour around the south of the city.

We visited San Telmo, La Boca, Peurto Madero, San Nicholas and Montserrat neighbourhood

A lady had about 5 dogs she dressed up for tips


Our bike tour group


Alfahore biscuits- famous Argentinian biscuits

Some crazy guy in La Boca


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