Santiago-Chile (Day 2/3)

After going to bed around 7am we slept until about 2 and then decided we needed food so we went in search of a supermarket. A decent sized supermarket was a 30 minute walk and we took the scenic route back to our hostel to see some other parts of the city that we hadn't seen yet.

When we got back our Brazilian friends asked us to meet them in Bellavista which is the 'bohemian' part of town where our hostel is. It's full of bars and restaurants and good nightlife. They were getting a midnight bus to Pucon (south Chile) so they had some time to kill. We all went for more mojitos and wine and exchanged stories of the night before.
We left our friends to catch their bus and went back to our hostel. Unfortunately the jet lag mixed with our night out completely threw off my body clock and as a result I didn't sleep last night. Which meant I was also wide awake when the earthquake hit our hostel- so much so that it woke Sally up. The beds were shaking, the shutters on the windows were banging open and closed and it sounded as if someone was banging on all the walls with a bat of some sort. Bloody scary. Apart from our ceiling leak getting a bit faster- we are all good!

Day 3-

Giving up on trying to sleep we chose to get out of bed and go downstairs and have breakfast. There was no one to be seen. It seems in chile that people sleep until 2 in the afternoon. Perhaps because they stay out all night?!

We then went on a free market tour which as you may have guessed by the name takes you through all the fruit, vegetable, meat, fish and flower markets in Santiago. We went to the famous La Piojera bar which stand for 'flea house'. We tried the famous 'terre moto' drink that this bar created, which stands for earth moving because it hits you like and earthquake when you stand up. The drink is a killer mix of wine and pineapple icecream and an unknown red liquid? either way…men have been carried out after one or two of these deadly drinks

Our guide was a pretty cool guy, however I don't think he had showered or washed his hair in a long time! He was rocking that 'I'm too cool to care/probably smoke weed on my days off' vibe to him. He did hang out with us after the tour and took sal and I to the metro and showed us where we needed to go and got the tickets for us. So he was a super sweety! But he was also a bit drunk after the terre moto!



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