Santiago- chile (Day 1)

Wow. Where to start? We went on a free walking tour around the 'Downtown' (Santiago central) to see the main city attractions. The tour began at the Plaza de Armas, which is Santiago's main square.

The main square has the cathedral, city hall and post office. Apparently throughout Santiago there are less and less original buildings because the earthquakes have ruined so many. As you can see in the top photo, there was originally a virgin statue in the middle, but in the earthquake a few years ago she fell off and it hasn't been restored.

We had a great bunch of people in our group. We met a 71year old Swiss guy Daniel who lives in Brisbane and is travelling alone before he visits his family. The poor guy got all of his money and cards stolen off him in the metro on his first day in Santiago-talk about a shitty start.

As part of the tour we stopped at a cafe for a break and a few of us tried the Peruvian drink 'pisco sour' which is a type of cocktail that has lemon, egg white and a type of white wine. It was delicious! It was then that we all agreed to go out later that night.

I invited Daniel, which he thought was rather amusing given his age (I didn't) but he went onto to tell us that he was planning on hooking up with a Colombian women at his hotel later that night (that I was shocked at! What a champion!) haha so that was the last we saw of him.

At the end of the tour two german guys and our tour guide decided we'd grab a drink before meeting up with everyone later that night. So our guide took his work shirt off and we all went to find a bar- a few more pisco sours later sal and I left the others to go and get ready so we went to the bar and after a few minutes of trying to explain what we wanted to do she took our money and I watched her cross our drinks off the bill. About an hour or so later our German friends met us downstairs of the hostel. To which they asked us 'what happened to paying for your drinks?' The lady at the bar had told the boys that we didn't pay and made them pay again for our drinks. Me being furious said to the boys we have to go back and get our money back. Thank god the boys spoke Spanish because my arguments in English got us nothing but sideways looks. The lady continued to lie and deny that she charged us twice but instead said that she had simply changed our note. This of course made us more furious… About ten minutes and some very angry Chilean bar staff later, we got our money back and got kicked out.

Sal and I grabbed some dinner in Bellavista before meeting everyone else for drinks. We had a great meal at a popular local restaurant where we stood out like sore thumbs. Most of the dinner consisted of the wait staff speaking about us and staring and asking us if we had boyfriends. One in particular waiter said he would hold the tip levvy if I gave him a kiss- and proceeded to ask us where we were going later to which we avoided telling him! There certainly not shy over here!

We met up with the others for mojitos at about 11pm. Apparently over here people don't go out until 1am or later so we were in for a long night! (Caz- can you even believe it- we didnt even get to the club until about 2am! Not such a nanna now! Haha)

Our tour guide had told us about a popular club outside the city so we grabbed two cabs, negotiated the fare and divided the Spanish speaking guys into each one to make sure we all made it there! The club (I can't remember it's name now) was about 15 minutes outside the city. When we got there they were charging 20,000 pesos to get in which is about $45 Australian dollars. I was shocked but luckily sal and I got in for free- but the boys had to pay. Our Brazilian friends said that price is quite common and in brazil they sometimes pay $60 dollars equivalent to get in! And here I was thinking South America was meant to be cheap! We ordered a bottle of vodka to share and it cost 50,000 pesos which Is like $100 Australian dollars- Lucky we had already had a few drinks! We spent the night getting really excited when a song we knew was playing and we could actually sing the words. As if we didn't already stand out enough with my blonde hair!

It was about 5.30 and Rossi our American friend (after a few vodkas) bent down to put his glass on the floor and fell- he stood up with blood running down his arm. There was broken glass all over the floor and he had cut his hand quite badly. Lucky for him, sal and I were still in a state where we could take him to wash it out versus what we really wanted to do which was keep dancing! So we all went back to his hotel to disinfect it. An interesting trip back to the hotel (can't say anything more with mum reading the blog- sorry mum!) and we bandaged up his arm for the night. Sal and I eventually made it back to our hostel by 6.30ish. He ended up going to the hospital the next day to get it checked out.
There are a lot of stray dogs walking around the streets here but I haven't seen any aggressive ones. We had a resident German shepherd follow our tour group around- he was sweet, and it took everything I had not to pat him. Probably a good thing seeing as Rossi's colleague just two days earlier got bitten by a stray dog and was flown back to the US to get it checked out.
The real Spanish dancing (not your version nick!)

The view from Santa Lucia Hill




3 responses to “Santiago- chile (Day 1)

  1. Love the diary entry, How did you have time to fit this in???
    Are you sleeping with your eyes open. Enjoy and stay safe

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