On our way!


We are well on our way to our first stop Chile! We had an early start with our flight leaving at 6am! Of course we drove to the airport separately because we couldn't all fit into the car. We had one stressed car and one relaxed one…I'll leave you guys to guess which was which. Ill also let you guess who phoned who from the terminal saying 'where the hell are you? I'm getting really stressed' with the other person insisting they were standing outside the quantas check-in counter… When in fact our first flight was to Sydney and we needed to be at the domestic counter…not the international (oops!)

Anyway we made it onto our first flight to Sydney…and then onto Auckland. By this time it was lunchtime and our eyes lit up at the site of Burger King! Rather relaxed and playing with our camera after we had finished eating…sal suggests that we go wait at our gate. Walking to our gate we hear the announcement 'This is the final call for flight LA800 to Santiago'- shit.. We picked up our pace to a run down the other end of the airport with a couple of wrong turns at the hands of some helpful advice from a flight attendant (sorry Sarah your not all very useful!).

We made it onto our last flight for the day with a 12.5 hour flight ahead of us and a tenth of our burgers burnt off!

On board the plane and sorting our bags into the overhead compartments and a tall dark South American air hostess (male. Is hostess still right when there male?) says to me 'buenos tardes'…and ofcourse I'm completely unprepared for our first 'real' Spanish encounter so my response went something like this; 'ahhh hi?' (with a look of horror on my face) with which his response was… ' Umm hi, hello, buenos tardes, whatever you like?' and awkwardly walked away while Sally pissed herself laughing! ( sorry Maddy we'll keep trying haha!).

Prior to stepping onto the plane, I was feeling okay about my Spanish..now I've realised we are completely out of our depth and mighten make it out of the airport at this rate!

Note to mum: watched a movie on the plane that you would love; 'The Big Wedding'

We finally make it to Santiago and with all our paperwork filled in when we see we have to pay $95 as Australians…the Brits however do not.. So we quickly scrap our old paperwork…whip out our British passports and hope no questions are asked. We make it through with our bags and are quickly surrounded by locals offering taxi's to us. After much deliberation we decide whilst we would love to be adventurous and try our hand at the public transport system…we really just couldn't be stuffed so we followed a dodgy guy who lead us to the carpark to an unmarked taxi..he was rather charming so we thought we'd give him a chance…I did think for a second as we were following him that 'that Spanish guy off the movie Taken was also charming and look where it got them!'. But luckily for us we got to our hostel safe and sound.

Whilst our hostel was rated 83% overall…we have a feeling South American hostels are going to be in a different league then the European ones we were once use to because this one is extremely old, dusty and cramped and our room has a leaking roof with a bucket underneath to catch the drips. The bucket was almost full when we got into our room- were thinking the ear plugs were a great buy!

We didn't venture out with the camera today, not knowing what to expect…but tomorrow we will and will post up some pictures once we explore a bit more!



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