One of the more daunting tasks in preparation for our trip is learning the local lingo Spanish!

I began by searching local language schools. Unfortunately they had already begun the new term, and Sal and I were definitely in no position to 'catch up'! So I kept googling. I found a couple of random seedy looking South American guys..funnily enough nick wasn't keen on the idea so I kept looking. With not much luck…and our departure date getting closer, 'Renzo' the Colombian was looking like our only option. That was when I stumbled onto a site that lists private tutors and the area they are located. I read about a few of the different tutors and decided on Maddy and Venezuelan.

Since then we have done two classes with her and are loving it! Maddy however quickly cottoned onto the fact that we were nuts but she loves a good laugh so that helps! We have 6 weeks until we leave so let's hope by that time we will be able to get by while we're over there!



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